Basic Package

Daily Price Weekly € 350 (incl VAT 10%)

Daily Price Weekend € 535 (incl VAT 10%)

The daily rate includes full space access max. For 15 persons (extra person at 10 €), sauna, towels, seat cover, firewood, basic cleaning (1 h), and accommodation for max. 10 people, as well as bed linen and made beds. The duration of the reservation can be e.g. from arrival day 16.00 - till departure day 13.00. Next accomodation days - 30%.

Catering services as well may be provided through us. We do not serve alcohol, but if you bring drinks with you, the drinks can be served with the meals. As to your liking, you may provide the meals yourself.

Seating for meeting and dining use is 24. Facilities allow variations for different uses. Sauna pulls 8-10 people at a time. The summer covered terrace can seat up to 40 people. Accommodation capacity is 10 persons.


Day Meeting

The cost for the day conference is 320 € (incl VAT 24%) including the full use of premises for max. 15 persons, firewood, basic cleaning (1 h), no sauna use. Duration of reservation, e.g. from 9am to 4pm. Additional persons á 10 €.

Catering services are also provided through our partner. Ask for an offer from Oskari Basement - à Catering. We do not have alcohol licensing rights, but if you bring drinks with you, they can be served with the meals. You may want to take care of meals on your own.


Party Package

Facilities: covered terrace, banquet table, unique milieu and the sound of the rapids of Koiteli.

Event for max. 50 persons include a all facilities, basic cleaning, and (if required) accommodation for max. 6-8 people. The duration of the reservation is from 12.00 on the day of arrival - 14.00 on the departure date. The covered terrace seats 40 persons, indoors seat 24. Price 750 €

Event for max. 85 people with a party tent. In addition to the previous one, a party tent is also available. Tent is equipped with chairs and tables, a dense base and a mat. Dimensions of the tent 5 x 8 m. Allows together with the covered terrace versatile variations and celebration program. Rental rates for a total of 1 250 €.

Extra: Booking from Friday evening for party preparation and decoration from 3 pm. Additional cost + 300 €.

Outdoor hot tub: Heated, 8-person hot tub, with cleaning, filling and heating. 250 €


Sauna Night

Sauna Night for 685 € (incl 10% VAT) includes full use of the property, sauna, towels, seat covers, firewood, basic cleaning (1h) and heated outdoor hot tub. Price for max. 15 people, additional persons for 10 €. The duration of the reservation e.g. from 17:00 onwards until the early hours.


Experience Packages